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Amnesty International veröffentlicht neuen Iran-Bericht

Amnesty International hat zum Tag der Menschenrechte am 10. Dezember einen Bericht zur Lage der Menschenrechte in der Islamischen Republik Iran, insbesondere nach den präsidentschaftswahlen von Juni 2009, herausgegeben: Iran: Election contested, repression compounded. In Bezug auf den Status der Bahá’í wie auch anderer religiöser Minderheiten im Land, heißt es in dem Bericht:

Only three religious minorities – Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians – are allowed under Iran’s Constitution to practise their religious faith. Adherents of unrecognized religious groups such as Baha’is, and the Ahl-e Haq are particularly at risk of discrimination or other human rights abuses. Converts from Islam and evangelical Christians who proselytize, and Sunni Muslims (most of whom are members of Iran’s ethnic minorities), also face epression.

Der Bericht äußert sich auch zu den anhaltenden Inhaftierungen der sieben führenden Bahá’í im Teheraner Evin-Gefängnis:

For example, following raids on the homes of 12 Baha’is in Tehran on 14 January 2009, six people were arrested. One was released shortly afterwards, but the other five spent around two months in Evin Prison before being released on bail.100 Seven leaders of the Baha’i community – Mahvash Sabet, Fariba Kamalabadi Taefi, Jamaloddin Khanjani, Afif Naeimi, Saeid Rezaie, Behrouz Tavakkoli and Vahid Tizfahm – remain in etention in Evin Prison since their arrests in March and May 2008. Their trial – likely to be on charges which can carry the death penalty – has been postponed at least twice and they have not been granted access to lawyers of their choice.

Der englischsprachige Bericht kann hier heruntergeladen werden.